Roadway & Parking Lot Construction

Site Management Services Regina Inc. is committed to leading the industry in providing cutting edge technologies, products and processes.  We believe this creates a meaningful advantage for the highest quality, most durable work-on time and in budget-planned and executed to maximize long term investment. Advanced digital software is used in conjunction with engineered drawings to create three-dimensional overviews of the project with point elevations and dimensions.  We also produce custom designs with correct slope percentages, drainage and water retention. Our belief is your asphalt surface is only as good as its foundation. We have site preparation crews that specialize in aggregate base construction.  Every project is prepared with the goals of proper compaction, elevation and fine lines of surface installation in mind. Whether you have a small scale commercial parking lot in mind or a large scale city street development we have the solution your project requires.  At Site Management Services Regina Inc. we have been building excellent foundations for our customers who require prompt service, and a professional team of qualified personnel and longevity of their projects.

Conexus Paving Picture

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