Asphalt Milling

Cold planing, or asphalt milling, is a controlled and highly productive process by which asphalt or concrete pavement is ground up and removed to a certain depth in order to repair or re-profile pavement surfaces. Cold planing is used to re-establish pavement profiles. This improves drainage flow from pavement irregularities, such as wheel ruts, washboarding and excessive pavement heights at curbs and gutters. This process can also be used to remove deteriorated pavements for future overlays or be used with a fine texturing attachment to improve skid resistance and be left as a final driving surface. We offer modern recycling technologies such as Cold In-Place Recycling (CIR), Cold In-Place Recycling with Expanded Asphalt Material (CIREAM), Full Depth Reclamation (FDR), and Full Depth Reclamation with Base Stabilization to public and private sectors. Site Management has completed many cold planing projects, including highways, municipal streets, bridges, parking lots and airports. By maintaining a variety of equipment, Site Management has the ability to satisfy multiple job specifications. And, whenever possible, we recycle the milled material for use elsewhere at the site, or at other sites — thereby substantially reducing costs.

City of Regina Infrastruture Renewal -2013 - Bomag BM1300/30 Cold Planer

City of Regina Infrastruture Renewal -2013 – Bomag BM1300/30 Cold Planer