Asphalt Plant

As part of our ongoing commitment to quality, in the spring of 2014 we introduced the 2013 ADM RB160 Roadbuilder Series Asphalt Plant for the production of asphalt materials. As one of the most advanced asphalt plants on the market, this addition has further added to our mission statement of ensuring that only the most up to date equipment and quality materials are used to provide our clients with a superior product.

The Worlds most Popular Compact Plant

The ADM RB160 Series ADM (Asphalt Drum Mixer) is a complete asphalt plant, perfectly designed for contractors around the world who require a hard working, high output, easy to operate and maintain plant that truly delivers quality asphalt mixes all day everyday. The automated controls offer sophisticated simplicity that delivers straightforward, continuous performance. Advanced technology is a perfect compliment to the demands for reliability of our customers.

Environmentally Friendly

Although asphalt plants are not recognized as a major source of emissions, Site Management Services Regina Inc. asphalt facility meets and exceeds stringent emission tests and complies with all environmental regulations. Our ADM employs a parallel-flow design for fast, even drying of aggregate using a fuel efficient natural gas burner with an environmental wet wash system that keeps steam emissions to a bare minimum.


Site Management Services Regina Inc. offers an extensive line of high quality mix designs ranging from high strength surface mixes for asphalt repairs to commercial parking lot design mixes that meet and exceed all city and highway specifications. We can also produce specialty mixes to keep up with the changing demands of our customers.